Initial Internship Advice and Summer Goals

As the job hunt season finally draws to a close looking towards the future becomes exciting again. Finally the dust has settled and the scary unknown is a bit more tangible.

For most college students summer signals the end of the academic year and the beginning of an internship. Personally, this will be my first internship in an official newsroom, not affiliated with the University of Missouri. I ended up securing an internship at WKOW, the ABC station in Madison, Wisconsin. Not only will it be my first official newsroom internship but it will be the first time I am going to work in television. I am looking forward to learning a new medium and I am nervous, but excited for the first day.

No matter the career path, the navigating the first day of an internship can be tricky. Unless you are very familiar with the job environment there will be hurdles to picking up the unique culture and the rhythm to the operation. This week, four graduated convergence journalists Skyped into our class to pass along some wisdom and internship advice. Here are some of their main points:

  1. On your first day, remember you have help. The world isn’t going to end if you don’t know how to do something.
  2. Ask questions and take notes. There is nothing wrong with inquiring about certain tasks or ways to do things around the office, but make sure you take notes. You don’t want to be caught in a situation three weeks in and not feel as though you can ask.
  3. Grab coffee with your coworkers and ask for career advice

I was helpful to hear from them and I will take the advice with me as I navigate two internships before coming back to Mizzou. After my internship in the summer, I will be traveling to Belgium and working as an intern in a newsroom in Brussels.

As a throwback to my first blog, write down your goals and make them known, here are my goals for this summer:

  1. Learn to tell impactful, well rounded pieces of television journalism
  2. Make meaningful connection and learn from my coworkers
  3. Continue to develop my photography and videography skills
  4. Spend some time outside
  5. Begin reading for pleasure again
  6. Rediscover hobbies I set aside this school year
  7. Learn basic French
  8. Plan for study abroad.
  9. Get back on the water

As excited as I am for my internships, I am also excited to get back on the water. Finding and maintaining a good balance of work and play is important. So when you find something you love, keep at it.

Lake Nagawicka from Rosie Belson on Vimeo.

Lake Superior from Rosie Belson on Vimeo.

What goals do you hope to accomplish this summer?

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