Mindfulness in Law Critique

Link: https://j4502-ss17.github.io/MILS/

For this critique, I started off by trying to find information about who is running the group and how I could join. I easily found the directory and navigating to the board of directors was intuitive. Perhaps there could be a small paragraph, under the initial tabs, differentiating the roles of the board of directors and the board of advisors. The cards were easy to view on both the mobile and desktop versions. Again, this is a content critique, but some more biographical content or even contact information may be nice under each card. Finding information about memberships was also intuitive, especially since the navigation bar is located on the top of each page.


Next, I looked at site’s style and general design on desktop and mobile platforms:


Overall, the site is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. There is a lot of content but it isn’t overwhelming. The navigation bar and hero image at the top of each page helps create this calming aesthetic, however, I appreciate that there is additional content visible under the image without a necessary scroll. As a suggestion, instead of an anchor tag to create a partial jump down the page to accentuate the different pages. Perhaps use different cover images for each category of page. This way the jump doesn’t look somewhat like a glitch and the pages are still accentuated and differentiated.


The site’s colors are very earthy and calming. The colors coordinate well with the title image. There is enough contrast that the white is readable on the green background and the light green highlight. The one color that is slightly less readable is the cantaloupe-colored links. It is readable on the beige platform however, there isn’t enough contrast when the color is directly applied to the dark green background. Perhaps making the font bold would help create contrast.


My final suggestions have to do specifically with the mobile site. I like the hero image element on mobile version as well. It helps give the user a consistent experience across all platforms. However, the image does take up a lot of space on the mobile platform. Perhaps, try to reduce the size of the image if possible to ensure the content underneath is seen.This is a minor suggestion, but perhaps make the background for the drop-down menu dark green and the lines white to be consistent with the desktop navigation bar. Also, perhaps move the arrow element to the end of the buttons so they don’t crowd the text.


I hope some of the suggestions were helpful! Overall, I think the group did a wonderful job designing the website. It is intuitive, clean and aesthetically pleasing.

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