Get up and Go

I am a huge proponent of adventures, no matter the size. But too often I am talked out of going – too little time, to expensive or too many responsibilities. However, sometimes I just have to get up and go.

This weekend I went to Washington D.C. to celebrate Easter with my family. I ended up leaving after work Friday afternoon and got into Reagan International just shy of midnight. I spent two nights and was back in Columbia just before Sunday made way for Monday. It sounds ridiculous to go all that way to spend less than 48 hours with my family but sometimes you just have to go.

I genuinely believe in keeping traditions. There is something special about keeping up with family, knowing you will see them every year no matter where life takes you. My family is spread across the country and seeing them isn’t very easy, especially now that the grandchild generation is spreading ourselves further across the country. But, that is precisely why keeping traditions is so important.

Was it practical that we all got on a flight and made our way to a central point in D.C.?  No.

But sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and just go.
To whoever comes across this post, I challenge you do do something slightly impractical. Even if the only purpose is to make you happy.

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