True/False Lessons

Self improvement doesn’t need to be encapsulated in a traditional sense. You can improve yourself by being exposed to new ideas, taking part in a different event or even being inspired by another person’s creation.

It was True/False weekend in Columbia, Mo. The four days are chalk full of documentaries that provoke thought, empathy and inspiration.

This year I went to see Brimstone & Glory, a film about fireworks in Tultepec, Mexico. Firework production is a means for living for the people in Tultepec but it also is a way of life. In a celebration of their craft and sacrifice for the patron saint of pyrotechnics, the city has two days where they light off castles and bulls for San Juan de Dios.

Source: Brimstone & Glory

Unlike other documentaries I have seen, I went into the movie thinking I was going to sit back and enjoy a movie without learning a lot of new information because fireworks are a passion of mine. However, I was wrong.

Yes, the documentary was visually stunning, but it was also informational and expanding. But I think inspiration was the biggest thing I took away from the film. The camera work and the large array of shots was truly impressive. As someone who is learning to work with video, I found myself watching the film with a critical eye to learn how they sequenced certain moments or what decisions they made and how they could have done things differently.

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