Managing stress – continued.

There is a certain level of stress that comes with any job. Keeping up with the news, even in the most peaceful of times, is also fairly stressful. So, as you can imagine, stress levels have been soaring lately around the newsroom, where our job requires us to keep up with the news.

This past week, I had an opportunity to attend a talk about simultaneously managing the news and your mental health. The talk was put on by Kathrine Reed, teaches reporting and trauma journalism at the University of Missouri, and her friend Dr. Lynn Rossy, a former health psychologist at the University of Missouri and teaches mindfulness and meditation.

To expound on last week’s blog, I wanted to share some insights and tips I learned from the talk.

First you need to be mindful of your body. Recognize the physical side effects of stress. When you become conscious of the physical factors, you can begin to identify the beginning stages of stress quicker and more accurately. This will allow you to deal with the stressor before it becomes a larger problem.

Techniques for stopping stressful situations:

Coping with Stress.jpg


Managing existing stress is essential, however, preventing stress avoids the ordeal all together. Learning to habitually take care of yourself can create a routine that helps you detach and relax. “In order to renew emotionally, we must access pleasant and positive emotions,” writes Dr. Rossy. “Do one thing every week that’s just for you.”

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