Increasing intelligence with ease

There are a lot of ways to learn something new. But, perhaps the most convenient is trading tunes for talks. Podcasts have been around for a while but they are still incredibly popular. You can find a podcast discussing a variety of topics, but if you are looking for some to expand your brain, here are some recommendations:


TED Radio Hour:

NPR and TED teamed up to produce a show that explores a wide variety of themes by piecing together interviews and TED talks. The pieces last an hour and will introduce you to new themes and ideas in an interesting manner.

NPR Politics Podcast:


This podcast takes some of the media whiplash out of understanding politics. Their group of hosts discusses politics in a way that doesn’t overwhelm while increasing your knowledge of current events.

The Daily:


This podcast by The New York Times breaks down the most important news of the day into bite sized podcasts that are perfect to listen to while you are getting ready for the day since they are published by 6 a.m.



Tell Me Something I Don’t Know:


This is a gameshow in podcast form. The audience brings a fact on a certain topic and has the panel of intellectuals, experts and comedians try to guess what the “Idk” is. The podcast is both ridiculously entertaining and broaches topics that would be traditionally hard to come by.


Freakonomics Radio:


From the author of the book: Freakonomics, this podcast helps to uncover the quirky side of life. This podcast will increase your intelligence with a blend of book smart and street smart information in a genuinely entertaining format.

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