Under Construction: Planning and Goal Setting

Under Construction: Self improvement can be daunting… but achievable with the right mindset. Each week we will explore different methods or topics in the name of self improvement. Though this will be more geared towards common goals of college students, the material is relatable to anyone who wants to turn plans into actions.

Everyone has something in their lives that they want to improve. However, putting those ideas in motion is exponentially more difficult than continuously wishing things would change without actually doing anything to facilitate it. Take it from this perpetual daydreamer, putting plans into motion isn’t easy because actually achieving goals isn’t about coming out with the biggest resolutions, it is about persistence and accountability.


Whether your goal is to learn a new skill or resolve an outstanding issue there are certain steps you can take to work towards that goal in an easy and organized fashion, making persistence and accountability easy.

Stop and think

Take some to decide what you want to improve. If you going to be successful, time and energy will be spent working towards this goal so make sure it is something you are truly invested in.  

Set goals

There is an acronym used to help increase the success of goals set called S.M.A.R.T. This idea of setting Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive goals has been around for a while. Making goals that are S.M.A.R.T. you prevent yourself from taking on too much and failing due to unrealistic expectations of what is accomplishable within a given time.

Make them seen

Display them in a way that serves as a constant reminder as to what you are working towards. This allows you to see where you are going and how far you have come. Too often self improvement gets derailed by everyday life so by creating a visual reminder you are less likely to forget- keeping you accountable.


Persist through purpose

Write down why you decided to pursue this project of self improvement. Keep that list close for inspiration. Little moments of weakness compile into larger moments until, before you know it, you have completely forgotten all about the project. Use the purpose of the project as inspiration when giving up is tempting.

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