Landlocked: Crossing Seasons

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The winter season can limit the opportunity for outdoor activities. *Dependent on location.* However, a good time can still be had with a bit of creativity, thick socks and adventurous spirit.

Up north outdoor activities in the winter are abundant if you don’t mind the snow. There is skiing (downhill or cross country), sledding, snowshoeing, skating, ice fishing, snowman building… you name it. However, down in the midwest the snowfall isn’t as abundant so they left with cold temperatures and no good reason to go outside.

This is where a bit of creativity comes into play.

Figure out what “nice weather” activities are practical to do in the winter. Hiking is a perfect example. Down in Missouri the trails are still clear and with the right amount of bundling hikers can hit the trails with reasonable comfort.

What about something a bit more improbable?

Recently I went winter kayaking, one of my favorite offseason activities, while home for thanksgiving break. Winter kayaking requires additional preparation due to the potential risks. First, bundle up in warm clothing but try and not make it too bulky. While being on the water you may get cold however in the slim chance that the boat tips, you don’t want too many layers that could get very heavy when wet. Also, look at the forecast ahead of time so you don’t make any reckless mistakes. Know the lake, recognise dangerous wind patterns and don’t angle your boat the wrong way into waves. Lastly, like fishermen in the summer, stay away from duck hunters hiding in the reeds – if applicable to your lake.

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