Landlocked: Circle Tour

Sometimes the path home isn’t practical, logical or optimal timewise. This happens all the time. You book an airline flight say from Kansas City to California LAX. It would make sense to fly directly with perhaps a layover in Las Vegas or Phoenix.- At least you are moving westward. However, when you look at the ticket you notice you have a plane change in Minneapolis. The logistics of why some planes go out of their way to seemingly random airports doesn’t make sense unless you look at airline logistics and where their hubs are based.

However, there is a newer trend in the airport industry to make themselves into destination airports. By bringing in local restaurant, shops and art they are attempting to create an airport that you want to fly through, or in the very least don’t mind passing a few hours in.

It makes getting home more interesting. An experience.

Typically, I really enjoy taking the long route home, whether that be by air or by car. With my family scattered across the country we travel a lot just to meet up. This has led to a lot of “circle tours.” We will start off by visiting one family member and strategically plan our route to visit everyone in a large loop before ending up back at home.  – It doesn’t hurt to have a mother in the travel industry to plan out or trip.

This year is no different. My mom and I are doing a circle tour of the Midwest.

  • The route: Departure from Wisconsin (one passenger- Driver).
  • Met up in St. Louis. (enter the navigator)
  • Trekked over to Kansas City. Stayed the night.
  • Drive up to Omaha (pick up other passengers – grandparental unit)
  • Arrival to Wisconsin.

There are two keys to a good road trip: someone you can talk to for hours and a good playlist. I can’t help with the first one but I can provide the second. As it is the holiday season, enjoy a festive holiday playlist to make your travels a little brighter.

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