Landlocked: Finding the time

Going on an adventure is wonderful. However, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Additionally, daylight savings is upon us and further reducing the amount of sunny hours available after work. So here are some tips on how achieve a similar level of relaxation even if you have minimal time:

Walk everywhere

This is the easiest way to grab some fresh air. You are already in-route, still making forward progress to get somewhere, but walking instead of driving allows you to slow down the transition periods and just breathe for a little while. Also, walking at night is more practical when you are headed somewhere in the city instead of taking a hike at night. It’s a good way to relax even if your daylight hours are gone.

Listen to island music

If you can’t go somewhere in real life, pretend like you are there. Few genres of music have such strong transportive powers or are as tied to imagery. So next time you are missing the waves, pop in some reggae, ukulele or even some Jimmy Buffett. It should tide [pun intended] you over. Bonus – I believe it has been scientifically proven that someone can’t remain angry while listening to island music….

Here is a playlist of some festive music if you need a pick-me-up:

Keep a positivity journal

One of the most relaxing things about going on an adventure is that you get to pause reality, even for just a minute, and reflect on where you are. If you can’t get out in nature to do this, you can recreate this sense of relaxation and positivity by focusing on positive daily occurrences.  The events don’t have to be ground breaking or day stopping, it can be the little things that made you smile. Often these small things get forgotten by the end of the day, so by focusing on them you allow yourself to realize just what has gone right in the day.

Plan for your next adventure

Sometimes the planning can be just as much fun as going on the actual adventure. Allow yourself to become consumed by wanderlust. Set a goal in mind. Start saving up. Pack a few things at a time. If you are traveling abroad begin learning about the region and the language, it makes the trip tangible and more real. The anticipation of having a trip coming up can make the days fly by.

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