Landlocked: Little Dixie

Little Dixie Lake is charming, in its own way.


I first made the 20 minute trek out to Dixie a few weeks into the fall semester during my freshman year. Since then, the murky body of water has quickly become my lake away from home.

The 205-acre lake is a designated conservation area out in Millersburg. The quite lake is hidden off of the main road and is surrounded by forests and grasslands. The lake’s well stocked fish population makes is a popular spot for locals to spend a day fishing or even just lazily floating in a row boat.

Little Dixie is also the home of Mizzou’s club rowing team. Because of this year’s schedule, I haven’t been able to go to Little Dixie as much as previous years, so being able to go to practice was my micro-adventure for the weekend.

We store our boats on the Giofre’s land where the Mizzou alumnus also store their apiaries. Their land is only a few yards away from the conservation area entrance so we walk the boats from the trailer down to the Little Dixie Lake before and after every practice.


When we reached the bank of the bay where we launch our boats, we noticed an odd residue on the top of the water that almost looked like an organic oil spill. The way the sun was shining made the residue reflect a spectrum of browns and greens floating on top of the murky, muddy water.


Because Little Dixie is a conservation area, the team doesn’t have a doc and has to wade into the bay to launch our boats. Although the water looked slightly more suspect than usual, in we went.

If we ignored Dixie’s appearance, getting in to the water was actually kind of refreshing because the water temperature was warmer than the brisk morning air.


As we circumnavigated the lake the sun began to warm up the air, making practice considerably more pleasant. It also didn’t hurt that the leaves in the forest surrounding Dixie were beginning to turn colors.

I would highly recommend stopping by Little Dixie Lake within the next few weeks to enjoy the colorful foliage.
I just wouldn’t recommend swimming a few laps. If the suspect water color doesn’t get ya, the resident lake sturgeon might.

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